COMEDY OR DRAMA? A chicago critic called it a comedy... most consider it a drama...YOU BE THE JUDGE OR JUST ENJOY IT FOR
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-Strong Language and Full Nudity-
"penetrating and sharply realistic dialogue" - Curtain Up UK
"Playwright Babe skillfully evokes their (the characters) dawning camaraderie." Time Magazine

"Thomas Babe's forceful narrative of social unrest takes place in the chaos of post-Vietnam America. Director Albert Alarr creates a brutally realist scenario that questions the morality of postmodern society. There's been a murder, and it quickly becomes clear that the two investigating cops are as questionable as the pair of suspects they're interrogating. The play explores the lack of clear boundaries between masculine and feminine, good and evil, in a masterful game of manipulation."

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Crown City Theater
on the campus of
St. Matthew's Church
11031 Camarillo St. in NoHo

(West of the Lankershim/Vineland intersection)

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Call: 818-605-5685
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